Physiotherapy works to improve a patient’s physical abilities. Physical therapy provides hands-on + technical machines to treat your concerns for injuries, disorders and diseases. A wide range of techniques and physical methods, incorporating manual therapy techniques, mechanical and electrotherapeutic agents and active rehabilitation, are utilized during sessions to target specific areas. Each treatment session works closer to achieving better mobility and physical health all while preventing physical dysfunction. Book an appointment at Aim Therapy & Wellness Center to see if physiotherapy is right for you!

Benefits of Physiotherapy:

Common Techniques

Soft Tissue Mobilization & Manipulation

Utilizing advanced hands-on techniques to optimize muscle function and loosen tightness. Manual manipulation of the muscles aids to increase range of motion and muscle strength. All while also restoring functionality and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Treat muscle injuries and get-back to your full, pain-free mobility.

Joint Mobilization & Manipulation

Joint mobilization involves passive movement of a joint within its normal range of motion using grading, oscillatory or sustained pressure. Joint mobilization aims to promote gliding of the joint surface, stretch joint capsules, and decrease muscle tightness and spasm. It can be combined with other treatment modalities, such as exercise and soft tissue techniques, to help improve the overall outcomes.

Athletic Taping

We offer athletic taping on many areas of the body to protect and stabilize joints against high-impact activity. Improving mobility and supporting muscles and tendons with specialized tape, we ensure our patients are working safe in any activity or sport. We also provide quick ankle and shoulder k-tape sessions for all previous patients before important sporting events and competitions.

Exercise Prescription

Designing and prescribing exercise programs that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual patient. The prescription of exercise is a fundamental component of physiotherapy and is used to help patients recover from injuries, manage chronic conditions, and improve their overall health and well-being. By prescribing exercise programs that are tailored to the individual needs of each patient, we are able to help you achieve optimal outcomes and improve the overall quality of life.

Return to Work Plans

Our detailed RTW plans work in harmony with our patients, their employers, and third party entities such as WorkSafe BC to ensure that all objectives are met for safety, health and wellbeing. With open communication and familiarity with many conditions and injuries, we can make sure your needs are being met. So returning to function and to work happens at the right time and pace for you.

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Physical therapy can help speed up recovery time and allow you to return to your daily life as quickly as possible. Don’t hesitate, book an appointment at Aim Therapy & Wellness Center today. We’ll get you started on the path toward recovery!


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