Chiropractors employ various techniques to improve the function of joints and support the nervous system. Adjustments and joint mobilization are commonly used to restore joint mobility. Chiropractic treatment may also involve the use of modalities, joint bracing or taping, orthotics, cold laser therapy, shockwave therapy,
exercise and stretch program and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. The specific techniques and
therapies chosen for each patient vary according to injury or condition and will be tailored to their need as part
of their personalized treatment plan. Book an appointment at Aim Therapy & Wellness Centre to see if
chiropractic is right for you!

Benefits of Chiropractic

Common Therapies

Spinal Manipulation Therapy

SMT typically involves the application of a controlled, sudden force to a specific joint in the spine or extremity, which is often accompanied by an audible "pop" sound. This sound is caused by the release of gas bubbles from the joint, which can create a temporary decrease in pressure within the joint, resulting in a feeling of relief. The goal of SMT is to restore joint mobility, alleviate pain, reduce muscle tension, and improve overall physical function. SMT may be used in combination with other manual therapies, such as soft tissue mobilization, exercise, and stretching, as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

Muscle Release Therapy

Muscle release therapy is a form of manual therapy used to alleviate muscle tension, pain, and dysfunction. The goal of muscle release therapy is to restore normal function and range of motion to muscles and soft tissues that may be restricted or tight due to injury, overuse, or other factors. With a combination of other techniques, muscle release therapy can help you attain a healthier well-being in regards to your treatment plan.

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